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Peach Moonstone is a variety of Moonstone. It is a potassium aluminum silicate feldspar. The color is usually a tan brown to a very light peach/pink (these colors are able to be seen easier in direct sunlight). This change in color is believed to be caused from higher contents of aluminum within the feldspar’s chemical make-up.

Induce restful sleep, and aid in lucid dreaming.
It is a stone of protection for women and children, especially pregnant women and babies.
Support women's reproductive health all around, from easing menstrual problems to soothing fluctuating hormones, to assisting a woman in childbirth.

Cancer, Libra, & Scorpio Peach

Approximate measurements as follows:
(Length x Width x Height)
(Pounds or Grams)

23RK:  2.06 in x 1.45 in x 3.57 in
0.61 lb or 276 g

31RI:  2.04 in x 1.79 in x 3.97 in
0.8 lb or 360 g

34RH:  2.11 in x 1.77 in x 3.96 in
0.87 lb or 396 g

43RJ:  2.29 in x 1.93 in x 4.53 in
1.12 lb or 506 g

54RG:  2.44 in x 1.83 in x 5.35 in
1.38 lb or 626 g

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*You will receive the exact crystal in this image.