Phantom Amethyst Points

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Phantom Amethyst are 1 of many variations cause outlines of the crystal growth to appear within the body of the crystal due to colour or clarity variations caused by the variation of trace minerals or radiation. These outlines are the “Phantoms”. The phantom outlines are typically aligned with the outer surfaces of the crystal. This particular material has the same properties of Amethyst and more! Phantoms are found in countries such as Austria, Brazil, Madagascar, Switzerland, Australia, Tibet & the United States.

Increasing your spiritual development.
Helps point the direction toward your personal growth and spiritual evolution.
Facilitate inner growth and help you resolve your past issues.

 Aquarius Purple

Approximate measurements as follows:
(Length x Width x Height)
(Pounds or Grams)

Point 1:  1.86 in x 1.52 in x 2.82 in
.505 lb or 230 g

Point 2:  1.31 in x 1.13 in x 2.88 in
.310 lb or 140 g

Point 3:  1.78 in x 1.52 in x 2.6 in
.445 lb or 202 g

Point 4:  2.22 in x 1.76 in x 2.53 in
.490 lb or 222 g

Point 5:  1.58 in x 1.5 in x 2.8 in
.320 lb or 144 g

*Image quality may slightly vary due to device.
*You will receive the exact crystal in this image.